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Poplar Creek Estates
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CANCELLATION of Thursday, November 19th Meeting

Fellow Poplar Creek Estates Residents,

The Board of Directors has been reviewing the various posts on the Next Door website regarding Thursday's (11-19) meeting that was planned to discuss proposed amendments to the covenants. In light of these messages and their concerns and the fact that all board members are not going to be able to attend, We have determined at this point that it is best to
cancel Thursday's meeting, discuss the next steps, and then communicate to the community at large the plan for moving forward. There will be no meeting on Thursday night 11-19.

I would like on behalf of the BOD to share with you the thought process that was the intent of the scheduled meeting.

• The document was a draft document not a final document. While approved by the board as a presentation document, a starting point, it was not being brought as a document for a final vote or a document that could not be amended.
• The meeting was scheduled and intended to collect input from PCE homeowners to shape the final result.
• The draft provisions are present because neighbors in some parts of Poplar Creek have asked for them. As such, we encourage you to consider constructive suggestions. Before discounting the amendment in its entirety, please consider what changes could be made or systems put into place to make some of our neighbors' suggestions more palatable.
• The proposed amendment process was discussed at the annual homeowner's meeting earlier this month. At that meeting it was shared that we would be putting out a draft document and scheduling a special meeting intended to get input and suggestions. On that evening, we did not receive objections to proceeding with the process of communicating a draft document and so we proceeded.

The Board intends to serve as a steward of this process, not as driver, and intended to come before the community to see how the covenant revision can benefit the most homeowners without putting undue burden on others. It is the Board’s hope to work collaboratively to establish a structure in which excellent standards can be agreed upon and applied reasonably. The draft document was never intended to be the final document or a draft for vote.

Jesse Moore
PCE HOA President

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