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2016 PCE Homeowners' Meeting - November 17, 6:30pm

The HOA Board of Directors looks forward to your attendance at this year's annual homeowners' meeting. It will be held Thursday November 17 at 6:30PM in the cafeteria at Harpeth Valley School. As in year's past, we will raffle a free year of dues to one resident. You must be present to win. forthcoming in the mail, please watch for a copy of the proposed budget for 2017, a proxy form, and a copy of last year's meeting minutes. We must have 10% of homes or 37 homes represented at the meeting in order to constitute a quorum and conduct business. Should you have neighbors who cannot attend, we encourage them to provide their proxy to someone who can.

This year, there will be 2 expiring board seats. We will hold an election as we do every year to fill these seats. We encourage all residents to consider serving in this role and giving back to the neighborhood. The Board will also be providing updates on several topics including the status to the revisions to the PCE Covenants and Restrictions, improvements we are planning for our entrance ways, and the recent paving of of our streets.

The Board looks forward to your attendance on November 17th.

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Welcome to Poplar Creek Estates!

Poplar Creek Estates is a lovely neighborhood located in the southwest corner of Nashville, Tennessee. Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will find it is ideally situated, as it is just minutes away from the 3,180 acres of Percy and Edwin Warner Parks, the terminus of the beautiful Natchez Trace Parkway, and the trailhead of the six-mile-long, paved Harpeth River Greenway that connects to Warner Parks. The Bellevue YMCA and convenient shopping and dining options are less than a half-mile away. The playground of Harpeth Valley Elementary School is adjacent to the southeastern tip of our neighborhood and is easily accessible by two different paths. A large portion of the perimeter of our community is bordered by woods and fields, which afford many homeowners numerous opportunities for outstanding wildlife viewing.

This website has been designed to provide current and future homeowners in Poplar Creek Estates with information about our community.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact a board member by clicking on the Contact link above and selecting Board & Officers from the drop-down menu.

Architectural Review Committee Request Form
If you are planning to make changes to the exterior of your house, you must fill out and submit this form to the Architectural Review Committee Chair for approval.
PCE Covenants and Restrictions (abridged version)
This links to a partial synopsis of key sections of the PCE Covenants and Restrictions. The remaining sections will be added gradually as time permits.
PCE Covenants and Restrictions (full version)
This is a scanned version of the complete PCE Covenants and Restrictions.